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In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of hard landscaping options and features. Gardeners and landscapers used what was available. Local stone was used for patios and paths, as well as local wood for summerhouses and later ugly council slabs that were used for crazy paving.

Because the material is connected to the area and to the structure, it can be used. This could mean that bricks and stones used in construction may be from the local area. These materials will likely have been used in multiple properties within an estate. Today we have a wider selection.

There are many reasons that our material range has grown.

  • It is now easier to import predecessor materials from all over the world because of lower transport costs. This is evident in the sudden influx of Chinese, Indian, and even Egyptian Stone.
  • Material-crazed people want more options. This is evident in our home décor and the many magazines and television programs that are dedicated to gardening design. Outdoor living spaces are no different.
  • New weather-resistant materials are now available and we are learning how to use them from TV programs, books, and magazines.

When choosing hard landscaping material for your yard, the number one rule is “less is more”. Choose only one or two complementary landscaping options, and make sure they match the garden’s style.

Modern, sharp-edged metals such as aluminum and stainless steel are not the best choice for garden designers. They work well in modern settings, but not in traditional gardens like an English Cottage garden. You can find many interesting landscape materials nearby so it might be worth revisiting some that you haven’t used in a while.

Andolina Materials
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